The purpose of my blog is mainly for me to share with people my passion for reading, and hopefully help a few authors along the way. 

I do accept ARCs/Review copies. 

However, this comes with a few terms. 

  • As a university student, I'm often given tasks last minute, so I cannot commit to a time frame. 
  • I accept both ebook and physical copies, if I have a physical copy and an ebook to review, I will most likely give preference to the physical copy. That would only be in extremely busy times however. 
  • I can only read ebooks in a mobi (Kindle) format.
  • I will not alter my review on the book if you are unhappy with it, unless it's to do with my spelling or grammar. My thoughts are my thoughts. 
If you'd like to contact me in anyway about your book, email me at:


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